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Recently the Whitewater MHP was identified by one of the concerned tenants as having a number of vacant lots that were untidy, overgrown with weeds and unsafe.  After advising one of the executives of the Association she asked for advice as to her course of action to deal with the situation.  She was advised that there were sections of the MHPT Act and Regulations that appeared to address the situation but that there was a long process involved in going that route.

Instead she found a much quicker way to deal with the problem.  She talked to a City of Penticton By-Law officer who informed her that anyone could file a complaint.  She was required to give her name and address, which would remain confidential.  The City checked out the complaint to determine if the lots fell outside of the boundaries they will accept.  The complaint proved valid and a notice was sent to the park owner giving him two weeks to clear the lots.  If he did not comply, the City would go in and clear the lots and send the bill to him for the work done.  If he failed to pay the bill, then the amount would be added to his property taxes.

She had filed a complaint on six lots.  When she first called the City about it they advised her that they had already received one other complaint.  She called a few other people in the park to advise them to call the City and file complaints.  Within the two-week notice period the lots all got cleaned up.

Now she is working on a way to get a lot cleaned up that has an unoccupied manufactured home on it that is run down.  The manufactured home next to it is for sale and the owners there have expressed their concern about the state of the property next to them.

This victory brought a lot of satisfaction but needed a lot of work on the part of the lady who started this cleanup project in her park, and she needs to be highly commended by all the other tenants in her park.


This next item was going under the title “You may win the battle but not the war”.

Country Pines in Oliver appears to have won the battle by having the only tenants to ever directly win in arbitration in BC out of 100’s.   Their arbitration was over their park owner trying to unjustly raise rents.


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